Life-saver First Aid Kit – Often forgotten and unchecked for years

first aid kit

(dtd). It can save lives in the case of an emergency: The first aid kit is one of the most important utensils drivers must carry with them in their car. However, to make sure it is usable when needed, you should regularly take a look at it and check whether it still meets current requirements.  

German Traffic Law regulates what type of first aid items must be carried in a car. It states that vehicles with less than 22 passenger seats must carry a first aid kit. If you transport more passengers, needs two kits. If you get caught without a first aid kit in your car, you will be fined five Euro. If you take your car to the technical inspection and do not carry a first aid kit, it will get recorded as a minor deficiency.

While traffic law does not regulate which first aid items must be in the first aid kit, you should ensure that it is always completely filled and meets as many requirements as possible. Since 2015, all first aid kits sold meet the German DIN-standards set in 2014.  However, some of them have been lying around in cars for decades -completely forgotten.  

First aid kits produced after 1989 have an expiration date. Once that date has been reached, the content must be renewed and exchanged. First aid kits adhering to the 2014 standard, for example, must include a 14-part band aid set, a K-bandage set and two wet wipes for skin cleansing.

Although it isn’t a legal requirement, you should check the content of your first aid kit to see if it meets current DIN-regulations. For information on what your first aid kit should contain, go to the ADAC webpage.

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