Mayor Edgar Knobloch is happy about the promotion of Lt. Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli

By Gerald Morgenstern

Grafenwoehr, Germany — “That is advantageous for Grafenwoehr,” said Mayor Edgar Knobloch happily about LT. Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli’s return to Germany as USAREUR commander. Cavoli served as commanding general, 7th Army Training Command (7th ATC) from July  2014 to July 2016 in Grafenwoehr. The Cavoli family was well-integrated Grafenwoehr and personal friends with the Knobloch family.

“He is one of the most intelligent people I know,” said Gen. Walter Piatt, praising his former successor. During his farewell in Grafenwoehr, before going to Hawaii, Cavoli received his second star. Now, the officer with Italian-American roots, receives his third star and takes command in Wiesbaden of all U.S. Army soldiers in Europe as lieutenant general.

Knobloch said that making a third star in only a year is not only proof of Cavoli’s excellent human skills but also of his exemplary performance as a soldier. Per WhatsApp from Hawaii, Cavoli informed his friend Edgar that he was returning to Germany. “The entire family is happy except for son Alex who is a little sad because he goes surfing in Hawaii four times per week, which he won’t be able to do in Wiesbaden,” he said in his message. “The Cavolis felt at home in Grafenwoehr. His sons Nick and Alex used the leisure facilities such as the outdoor pool, his wife Christina regularly went shopping on the farmers’ market,” says Knobloch.

The families met for get-togethers and bike tours. The Cavolis always attended city events and mayor and general rode together in a sow trough during the traditional Fischerfest race. “All generals, Piatt, Cavoli, and now Aguto and the garrison commanders have set examples for their soldiers regarding good host nation relations,” says Knobloch happily.

“Lt. Gen. Cavoli was the first general to attend a city council meeting and provide current information; problems could always be solved one-on-one,” reports the mayor. And these relations to Wiesbaden can only be an advantage.

“Grafenwoehr Training Area is of key importance to the future of our forces in Europe,” the former 7th ATC commander said in a speech. “It is great to have a  friend in Wiesbaden,” says Knobloch. “The city counts on Grafenwoehr continuing to be an important U.S. installation.” In his personal message to Knobloch, Cavoli said he’d use every opportunity to come from Wiesbaden to Grafenwoehr. Therefore, Knobloch is hopeful to see his friend more often again.  Cavoli took command of U.S .Army Europe in Wiesbaden on Jan, 18, 2018. 

Photo Credit: Gerald Morgenstern

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