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(djd/pt). If you want to do something good for your nails, you should regularly care for them. And that is not difficult either. Some household remedies can prevent drying-out and chipping. Nail designer Irina Claus-Gutunoiu of Bio Sculpture has seven care tips.

And here they are:

– Peeling and applying cream: Apply a peeling on your wet hands (available in drug stores and perfumeries), massage it in and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Applying cream to your hands and nails afterwards makes them softer and more resistant.

– Bathing and massaging: Bathe your hands once a week in lukewarm almond, olive, or jojoba oil. This replenishes your nails with oil and moisture. If they are brittle and dry, a massage with a special oil might help.

– Caring for your nails with a nail file: If you want to avoid injuries, you should care for your nails with a nail file rather than cutting them with nail scissors or nail clippers. They can cause small cuts in the nail. Emery boards and glass nail files are gentler than metal files.

– Avoiding ingrown nails: If you do not round your nails on the edges that much when you shorten them, you can avoid ingrown nails. Tip: Always file your nails in a straight motion from the edges to the center. Do not cut your cuticles, softly push them back with a cotton swab instead, or a special manicure tool made from wood or rubber.

– A gentle outfit: To achieve a shiny look, experts gently push especially made stencils under the nails and then shape them with three or four layers of gel that contains caring substances.

– Dirt and chemicals: Dirt below the nails should not be removed with metal tools but with a soft nailbrush. If you wear gloves while doing your household chores, your nails will stay clean and won’t be negatively affected by cleansers or dishwater.

– The right nail polish remover: Nail polish removers containing acetone or alcohol are poison for your nails according to the German Skin and Allergy Aid because they withdraw oils from your nails that keep them strong and elastic. Therefore, you should better use solvent-free and oil emulsive nail polish removers.

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