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  • West Wall Bunkers on Grafenwoehr Training Area

    By Gerald Morgenstern “Fortress fighting area Grafenwoehr“ Several meters thick bunker ruins, armored with lots…

51st state - A photoexhibition shows life of US soldiers‘ in Bavaria -- Photo Credit: Lila Hartig
Elvis, the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” at the original grand piano in the reconstructed Micky Bar. -- Photo Credit: Gerald Morgenstern
The title page of the new "training area book" with the reference to Vilseck and the addendum military and nature. -- Photo Credit: Gerald Morgenstern
“Dora” lives on as a model in the Culture and Military Museum. The two-meter-size of the model give visitors an idea of the “Dora’s” huge dimensions. A 1.5-ton-fragment of the barrel was found at the location were the weapon was blown up. -- Photo Credit: Gerald Morgenstern
The historic town gate at the city pond was demolished by American engineers on 21 April 1945 because the passage was too small for an American tank. -- Photo Credit: Gerald Morgenstern
Col. Mark A. Colbrook, Mayor Edgar Knobloch and Lt. Col. Hans-Joachim Gehrlein laid a wreath to commemorate the victims of the air raids and the end of the war 70 years ago. -- Photo Credit: Gerald Morgenstern
Photo Credit: Mark Iacampo, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria Hohenfels The former residents of Schmidheim and their relatives gather at the reconstructed village church during the annual Schmidheimer reunion in the Hohenfels Training Area, July 5.