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(dmd). Traffic circles are the modern and better intersections. They are safer and reduce the number of traffic accidents if drivers follow the rules when driving through them. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Following is a summary of the important rules. 

The whole purpose of traffic circles is to keep traffic flowing and increase safety when two or more streets intersect.  Traffic experts have identified eight points of conflict in a traffic circle that can lead to accidents. That is significantly less than the 32 that are being associated with a regular intersection. The reduced speed and the abolition of left turning lanes provide more safety, according to the ADAC.

However, accidents still occur and that is mostly caused by drivers neglecting to follow the rules:  Many don’t know how to correctly use the turn signal when driving in a traffic circle. According to German Traffic Law, you are not allowed to use your turn signal when entering a traffic circle but are obliged to turn it on when exiting. If you get caught violating that regulation, you will be fined ten Euro.  

The right of way in a traffic circle is also clearly defined: Vehicles in the traffic circle have the right of way. Therefore, you should already reduces your speed when approaching a traffic circle. When exiting, bicyclists have the right of way. Additionally, drivers exiting a traffic circle are expected to pay special attention to pedestrians and stop, if necessary.  

When driving through a traffic circle with multiple lanes, those wishing to take the first or second exit, should move into the right lane while those circling longer, should use the inner lane. It is always important to pay attention to those traveling in the outer lane. If you wish to exit and cannot change into the right lane on time, it is safer to circle one more time.

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