Bladder infections: How to prevent them from becoming a recurring problem

(djd). Aggravating cramps in the lower abdomen, a burning sensation when passing water and the constant sensation of having a full bladder? Bladder infections can be stressful. Fifty to seventy percent of all women suffer from a bladder infection at least once in their lifetime. Five to ten percent of those women experience recurring bladder infections. .

Generally, chronic and acute bladder infections are caused by enterobacteria, mostly E. coli. Chronic bladder infections are either caused by bacteria that keep infiltrating  the urinary tract or by a previous infection that was not completely cured and flares up again. A goldenrod cure helps to stop such a boomerang effect.

Treating recurring bladder infections with genuine goldenrod

Genuine goldenrod can be taken long-term if bladder infections keep recurring. The natural remedy has a diuretic effect, flushing out potential germs, preventing them from entering the bladder. Additionally, genuine goldenrod is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antispasmodic. Its constituent parts have a potential healing effect on the mucous membrane of the bladder. Genuine goldenrod also helps to prevent the formation of urinary stones and their prestage, the so-called renal gravel.

Antibiotics: Curse or blessing?

Antibiotics effectively kill bacteria. Unfortunately, they do not only kill pathogenic germs, they also kill useful bacteria. If lactobacilli in the vagina are reduced, the environment in the vagina changes and becomes more basic. That allows pathogenic bacteria to transcend this barrier and infiltrate the urinary tract. Therefore, an antibiotics therapy can potentially lead to a bladder infection. Often, it is good enough to treat a bladder infection with natural remedies such as bearberries instead of taking antibiotics right away.

By the way: Hormonal changes, e.g. during menopause, can also promote the onset of a bladder infection because changes in the hormone level can also cause changes of the vaginal environment. Vaginal ointments, such as witch hazel, can be used to maintain a healthy vaginal flora.

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