51st State – A photoexhibition shows life of US soldiers‘ in Bavaria

51st state - A photoexhibition shows life of US soldiers‘ in Bavaria -- Photo Credit: Lila HartigGrafenwoehr, Germany — Soldiers of the US Army have been based in Bavaria for 70 years. The bavarian photographer Lila Hartig portrayed the personal life of soldiers and their families in Grafenwöhr and Ansbach in 2004. The pictures don’t show the military aspect but the personal life of the american soldiers. They life far away from home in two worlds: America and Bavaria. This „city in the city“, the „little America in Bavaria“ is like a 51st State. Everything is like it is at home in the States: 120V sockets, chlorinated water, american products in the supermarkets.

The pictures of Lila Hartig show the particularity of US soldiers‘ life in Bavaria.

Lila Hartig has already been inspired by the american culture when she stayed in the US for one year. She studied photodesign in Munich and the american culture is always an inspiration of her work. The project „51st State“ is the final project of her studies at the Munich University. Lila Hartig was born in Landshut, and now lives in Munich.

The photoexhibition is shown in the Grafenwoehr Culture and Military Museum from april, 20th until may 29th. Opening hours of the museum: Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday: 2pm – 5 pm.

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