Upper Palatinate Advent Market Grafenwoehr 2016

Invitation to the Upper Palatinate Advent Market Grafenwoehr. -- Photo Credit: Renate GradlGerman-American Opening of the Advent Market on Dec. 3 in Grafenwoehr

Grafenwoehr, Germany — On Saturday, Dec. 3, there will be something for everybody’s taste and that does not only apply to food but also to the entertainment program. The Upper Palatinate Advent Market in Grafenwoehr features a large array of holiday goods, delicious food and beverages and a diversified entertainment program which takes place on the stage at the market square. The city of Grafenwoehr cordially invite all citizens to attend.

At 2 p.m., the brass players of the Grafenwoehr brass band will call all citizens from the top floor of the town hall to come to the market.

First Mayor Edgar Knobloch and Col. Lance C. Varney will ceremoniously open the Advent Market together with this year’s Christ Child and the choir of the Grafenwoehr Elementary School, conducted by Gabriele Bodner.

Many vendors will offer a large assortment of Christmas goods. Delicious holiday food and beverages are available and provided by several Grafenwoehr clubs. Rustic seats will be put up all over the market square.

A diversified entertainment program will be offered in the afternoon including musical performances by the music club “Klingende Töne,” conducted by Lilia Gette, the music school “Four City Triangle” with its conductor Joachim Steppert and the par force horn players from Eschenbach which will add holiday flair to the Grafenwoehr’s Advent Market. Children can do arts and crafts or ride on the children’s carousel, or in a horse carriage. A raffle held by the Citizens’ Club features valuable prizes.

At 4.30 p.m., St, Nicholas, his servant Ruprecht, Santa Claus and the Christ Child will visit the market and distribute sweets among the kids. Photos with the saints can also be taken. The soccer players of SV TUS/DJK Grafenwoehr will settle a bet with Mayor Edgar Knobloch and sing a Christmas song.

The musical highlight in the evening is the performance of the band “Sunny Sound” whose repertoire includes holiday tunes, soul, rock, oldies and current hits. The Advent Market ends at 10 p.m.

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