Stop excessive sweating – Microwaves stop embarrassing underarm perspiration

Treatment with microwaves is a new method to control excessive sweating. Photo: djd/ Krepela

(djd). The psychological strain on people that suffer from diagnosed extensive underarm perspiration is especially high in summer. Everyday life turns into torture and their quality of life is massively impaired. Large, wet spots under the armpits can be seen on their clothes and embarrassing situations are a constant danger on the job and in private life. The stains can hardly be covered, especially in summer. And even frequent washing and repeated change of clothes cannot avoid the resulting body-odor. 

To date, extensive sweating could be treated with an operation of the perspiratory glands. The skin is cut in the armpits and unfolded, then the perspiratory glands are scraped out. This is a massive, surgical procedure. Recovery is long and hurtful. Expensive and frequent treatments with Botox are a medical alternative, temporarily blocking the perspiratory glands.

Treatment with microwaves

Since the treatment method with warmth is minimally invasive, no scars or skin alterations develop. Photo: djd/ KrepelaA new method to control sweating is the treatment with microwaves. The warmth of the microwaves weakens the perspiratory glands in such an immense way that they will no longer produce sweat. Studies have proven that the anti-perspiratory effect is permanent and the method was approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In 2014, the medical CE-certification was obtained, meaning that the treatment is in accordance with all applicable European regulations.

Reducing hair growth

Before treatment, the armpits are locally anesthetized. Since the treatment method with warmth is minimally invasive, no scars or skin alterations develop. Possible skin irritations such as redness or numbness are mostly harmless and disappear after a few days. A pleasant side effect is a significant reduction of hair growth.

Photo credits: djd/ Krepela

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