Spring Clean-Up: Prepare your car for spring

car spring clean-up

A thorough cleaning helps to avoid unnecessary damages and costs

(dmd). When the first sun rays tickle your nose and all windows are opened widely, then the time has come for spring clean-up in and around your car. Taking care of your vehicle preserves its value and allows you to start safer, cheaper and happier into spring.  

One tip through the car wash and that’s it! Many car owners prepare their car for spring in a pretty Spartan way. Sooner or later, this restraint will be costly. If you do not thoroughly and consequently remove the traces of winter such as salt or split, they can turn into small spots of rust.  

So if you want to start into the summer season well-prepared, you should first stop in the wash box before going through the automatic car wash. Using a steam cleaners is the best way to get into the smallest cracks to remove any damaging winter residues. This includes the bottom, the edges and folding of the doors, the trunk lid,  engine hood and between the ventilation grills where often leaves have been collecting since fall. Use a lot of water and feeling.

Like always, one rule also applies wash box: Hands off the engine compartment. Cleaning this part of the car should only be done by a specialist to avoid unnecessary damage to the electrics and the motor itself. Checking the windshield wipers is also important. Here, frost and snow may have also left behind their traces.

The interior should be prepared for spring as well. First, items such as snow chains or snow shovels should be put back into the garage or the basement because this unnecessary weight increases fuel consumption. Then thoroughly vacuum the interior, moving the car seats into different positions, and finish by foam cleaning your seats.

Ensure proper ventilation while cleaning your car because moisture on the inside will condense on the windows. The windows should be thoroughly cleaned as well with a window cleaner. And if you also exchange your air conditioning filter, check your lights, the horn and whether all other functions of your car work correctly, you will start into the warm season safely and well-prepared.

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