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Photo Credit: Molly Hayden, U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr Public Affairs Honey from the local beekeepers is a popular item at the farmers' market.Shopping on a farm in Bavaria is a great experience for all connoisseurs and gourmets, hobby and professional cooks. Om the farm, you will be told where and how your food was produced. A visit to a farm store is also interesting if you are a tourist because not only can you taste the many regional specialties there, you can also take them home with you. Items for sale include seasonal regional products such as fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly-baked bread, eggs, home-made sausage and cheese specialties und fresh fish- Produce directly from the farm is very popular because of its freshness and pure taste.

A visit to a farm — a great experience for the entire family
Shopping in a farm store is a fun experience for the entire family. Many farmers also allow taking a peek into the stables, having direct contact with the animals and are looking forward to answering questions about how they grow and process their products. This gives young and old a chance to learn how milk is turned into cheese and how bread is made from grain. Personal cooking tips from the farmer’s wife are often included when shopping on a farm.

Farmers’ Markets in Bavaria
In addition to farm stores, farmers’ markets and regional marketing initiatives are other ways of direct marketing in Bavaria. Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, they preserve natural resources and protect the environment because of short transportation distances and their support of the regional economy. The shorter the transportation distances, the fresher the products, and farm stores provide farmers with a new way to generate income to ensure the farms’ survival.

By shopping at a farm store, you can sponsor and support local farmers. Despite increasing prices, only a small share of the price goes directly to the farmer. That is different when you shop directly on the farm. Additionally, you get more quality for money, quality you can also taste.

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