Seven mosquito myths: What the little pests really like and how you can protect yourselves from bites

(djd). Whether you are at the swimming lake, at a garden party with friends, or taking a walk – on warm days, annoying “companions” often show up: The common mosquito. Once they have detected a piece of naked skin, they land and bite, often leaving behind an ugly, itching  bump . There are many myths related to mosquitos, mosquito bites and mosquito protection. But which are true and which are simply false?

Myth 1: Mosquitos like females

Scientific studies have shown that mosquitos do not have a gender preference. Men are bitten as often as women.

Myth 2: Mosquitos prefer sweet blood

Mosquito do not care about the taste of their victims’ blood because they follow the smell. Insects are able to detect carbon dioxide on your breath from as far as 50 meters away. It is interesting that some mosquitos like the decomposition products of food perspiration. This might explain why the little beasts love to bite in the foot region. .

Myth 3: Mosquitos avoid bright clothes

This is actually said to be true. However, tightly woven fabrics and long clothes provide the best protection.

Myth 4: Mosquitos love light

Unlike moths, mosquitos are not attracted by light. They fly both day and night.

Myth 5: Lemon- and lavender oil protect against mosquitos

Essential oils cover body odor for a while but as soon as their effect vanishes, mosquitos will bite again. Applying a mosquito repellent to your skin is more effective.

Myth 6: Mosquito bites are harmless

What is true here in Germany might be a real danger in tropical countries. There, a mosquito bite can transfer malaria or dengue fever. The situation is getting more dangerous in Germany as well: Mosquitos that “immigrated’ from the tropics have already been detected in Germany. .

Myth 7: Electronic mosquito traps are harmless

Electronic mosquito traps also kill other insects. Additionally, the insecticides and biocides in the traps can be transferred into the human body through the air which is dangerous for people suffering from allergies and babies

When people gather outdoors, mosquitos won’t be far away.

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