Safety concern remote-controlled key: One click and the car is gone Keyless locking systems are easy to hack

(dtd). A click, a peep and your car door is open. More and more vehicles feature keyless locking systems. And more and more gangs of thieves are specializing on that. Therefore, you should follow a few rules when using those keys to protect your car from thieves.

They are so practical but that’s what makes them dangerous at the same time because thieves can easily use them for their criminal purposes- Tests have shown how easily those systems can be hacked. Test results revealed that almost all of them pose no problems to criminals. 

To achieve that, thieves use special devices to extend the keys’ radio signals. This can be done with simple devices that are activated near the front door. They pass the key’s signal to the outside, you hear the infamous “click” and the car is open. Most of the time, they are hidden in large bags or briefcases. So if you get out of your car and see a pedestrian with such or similar utensils, beware!

To avoid becoming a victim of such thieves, you should never store your key near the door of your house or apartment. Keep a distance of at least three to four meters. If you want to be on the safe side, wrap the key into various layers of aluminum, or by a special box, case or tin that blocks radio waves. However, all these devices should first be tested: Your car is only protected from electronically talented thieves, it your protected key does not function directly next to the car.

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