Saensuk Thai Massage

Auerbach, Germany — When you open the door to Sawitree Wiesheier‘s Thai massage practice in the Unteren Vorstadt in Auerbach, then you first smell mild herbs, aromatic oils and a cozy warmth. The warm colors red and violet of the comfortable lounge chairs complete the nice atmosphere. “Saensuk Thai Massage“ invites you to feel comfortable and relax in a special atmosphere. The 40-year-old Thai opened her studio in Auerbach in October 2010. She has been living in Germany for 16 years with her 19, 14 and 11 year-old children. Born in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Sawitree completed 700 hours of training to learn how to perform the traditional Thai massage. The treatment mainly consists of stretching moves and various pressure techniques during which certain energy lines are stimulated with the palm of the hands, the thumbs, the feet and the elbows, varying in intensity. The treatment also depends on the ailments of the customers.

The energy lines, also known as “sen“, go back to the nadis of Indian medicine. Nadi is a Sanskrit word and means “channel” or “pipe.” Yoga and Tantra also identifies energy lines that supposedly go through the body and provide it with energy called Prana, similar to the principle of the meridians known in traditional Chinese medicine. The term Nadi is supposed to be derived from the root “nad” which means movement, stimulation and vibration. 72,000 of these energy lines run through the entire human body. Ten of these „sens“ are of therapeutic significance for Thai massages. They are stimulated and increase the well-being and improve health.

In Thailand, these massages and the knowledge that has been acquired in the monasteries have been used for centuries to alleviate medical symptoms such as migraine, headaches, menstrual pains, or in addition to other pain therapies. The traditional Thai massage is supplemented with aromatic oils and herbal stamps. These small linen bags, filled with 18 natural herbs, are heated and used on especially sensitive areas. The atmosphere in the Saensuk practice contributes to the well-being and relaxation of the customers. Sawitree Wiesheier works together with Virada Bunte who has 15 years of experience working as a Thai masseuse. Thai massage are also physically exhausting for the masseuses. During our visit of the practice, Virada Bunte demonstrates this. She has to kneel behind the patient and work on the aching areas with the palms of the hands, the knees, or elbows. “People come to us with a stiff neck or hip pains.“ Sawitree or Virada treat their patients four or five times, then a significant improvement can be felt. “Patients are also referred to us by physicians if regular massages or physical therapy have failed, “says the therapist. However, Thai massages may not be prescribed by a doctor. A 30-minute massage costs 20 Euro, an hour 37 Euro. The practice is open Monday through Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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