Money for the school kids and a mug for the general Brigadier General – Antonio A. Aguto Jr. visits Mayor Edgar Knobloch in the Town Hall

By Renate Gradl

Photo Credit: Renate GradlIt was a great occasion for visiting Mayor Edgar Knobloch in the town hall for the first time: Brigadier General Antonio A. Aguto Jr. and the mayor presented Michaela Keck-Neidull from the local school‘s parents’ association a symbolic check in the amount of 2,400 Euro.

“The money is made up of the donations that were collected after the Christmas concert by the USAREUR Band which totaled 2,072 Euro, and the city donated the rest,” said Knobloch. “This is great support for the children. The concert marks the beginning of the Christmas season,” he said, hoping that the USAREUR Band will perform again this year. The 2016 concert was attended by 800 people.

“We are thankful to be here and considers ourselves part of the family,” said Aguto, hoping that the friendship between Germans and Americans will continue. Afterwards, the mayor gave the general a tour of the town hall to include the conference room. Knobloch presented his guest with a beer mug.

Photo Credit: Renate Gradl

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