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  • Visit the romantically snow-covered Christmas market at Guteneck Castle near Schwandorf. -- Photo Credit: Schloss Guteneck

    Christmas Markets in the Oberpfalz and Franconia

    Christmas market at Guteneck Castle The historic and romantic Christmas market on Guteneck Castle enchants…

Stuttgart Christmas Market is open from Nov. 25 till Dec. 23, 2015. -- Photo Credit: in.Stuttgart / Thomas_Niedermueller
Culture- and Shopping Night: "Weiden is dreaming" -- Photo Credit: Pro Weiden
Annafest and Annamarket in Grafenwoehr -- Photo Credit: Renate Gradl
Things you didn’t know: How to tie a Dirndl bow: Left or right? -- Photo Credit:
Franconian Switzerland offers a large, well-marked bike trail network not only for touring bikers, but with its winding, enrooted hiking trails, fast trails and sweaty climbs an ideal fun area for mountain bikers. -- Photo Credit: TZ Fränkische Schweiz
The region between Bamberg, Bayreuth and Nürnberg with its narrow and winding valley roads is a paradise for bikers. -- Photo Credit: Frankentourismus/FRS/ Hub
Photo Credit: Ute Wünsch, Foodtruck Roundup in Schwabach 2015
Here a flock of Mouflon are in the snow nibbling on pieces of bread. A male and female can be seen standing side by side waiting for some more bread. -- Photo Credit: Alexis Tucker