How to easily get back into shape after a pregnancy with the right body care, a balanced diet and exercise

(djd). During pregnancy, your body operates at full power: The heart pumps approximately 30 percent more blood through the body, ligaments and joints carry a significantly higher weight, and the skin across the baby belly is extremely stretched. As exciting as those nine months are, most women are looking forward to quickly getting back into shape after having given birth. But now is not the time for a crash diet or excessive physical training. Here’s how to slowly get back into shape:

Foto: djd/Jentschura International.– Lose weight healthily: Often ,the first weeks with a new baby are hectic. Eating without hurrying? No way. So you reach for cookies or a cheese toast. That is neither balanced nor low in calories. Tip: If you do not have time to cook, ready-mixes made from millet and buckwheat from the health store provide a healthy alternative. You can use them to prepare sweet or savory meals such as breakfast porridge or vegetarian burgers. Healthy snacks, such as home-made smoothies, nuts or dried fruit are also filling. Good to know: While nursing, your body only needs an additional  300 to 500 calories per day.

– Tighten your skin: The involution of the uterus requires some patience. “Alternating hot and cold showers and brush massages stimulate the blood flow and help to tighten the skin,” says model and anchorwoman Monica Ivancan. Her tip: “Alkaline body care products have already been my favorites during pregnancy because they provide care and purify.” Body salts such as “MeineBase,” for example, can be used for wet compresses which stimulate the regeneration of tissue cells, softening and tightening the skin.

Foto: djd/Jentschura International.– Regain physical fitness:  After giving birth, you should work on regaining your physical fitness slowly, taking one step after another. Regular walks with the baby are a good start. Soft exercises for the back and the pelvic floor should also be part of your daily fitness program. Jogging or sit-ups, however, should not be done until your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor have recovered. That is best determined by your midwife. Normally, it takes about six weeks until you can start that type of exercise again.

– Relax: A warm bath is a treat after a long day. Relax the muscles, that are often strained after carrying the baby all day and spend some time on your own. Alkaline bath salts are especially suitable for sensitive skin because they replenish the skin’s lipids.

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