Grafenwoehr Training Area, Yesterday – Today

The title page of the new "training area book" with the reference to Vilseck and the addendum military and nature.  -- Photo Credit: Gerald MorgensternThe new edition of the revised and amended bilingual book has been released

Grafenwoehr, Germany — Two-hundred-eighty-eight pages in German and English with history, stories, reports, data and facts from the past and present and a large amount of previously unreleased photos of military and nature from the past and present. That is a short summary of the new edition of “Grafenwoehr, Yesterday – Today” by Gerald Morgenstern. In 2010, the year of the 100th anniversary of the training area, the Grafenwoehr native and reserve sergeant major published the first edition of his bilingual training area book. The new edition was completely revised and 32 pages were added.

The American units stationed in Grafenwoehr and Vilseck during the past years are now covered in the book. The new chapters include the MEDEVAC unit on the airfield, the so-called “Dustoffs,” the engineers, the military police brigade and the airborne units and their missions. The history of military health care and the medical units in Grafenwoehr und Vilseck and the construction of Netzaberg Chapel are also covered. The book’s cover shows the Water Tower and the Bird Tower, Vilseck’s landmark, indicating that the history of Vilseck and Rose Barracks are also covered in the book.

The chapters in the “Military and Nature” section about environmental protection, forest, deer haven and the large eagle population on the training area. A total of 860 photos illustrate the history, stories, data and facts. The U.S. Army, forest and nature protection, the Photo Friends Club and the archive of the author provided the photos for the book, some of them stunningly beautiful.

It was important to Morgenstern that the new edition of the book was once again regionally produced. The team of Hutzler Print Shop in Grafenwoehr did a great job graphically designing and producing the book. Susanne Bartsch translated the texts into English and assisted with the fine adjustment of the book.

“Grafenwoehr, Yesterday – Today” provides a view into the impact area and is meant to be a mental bridge between the past and the present. Another intent of the book is to provide an opportunity establish new relations and to promote understanding between the soldiers and their military mission and the civilian neighbors of the training area. The book also gives American soldiers and their families the chance to get to know their temporary “Bavarian home” and treasure it.

“Grafenwoehr, Yesterday – Today” is available for 29.90 Euro in various stores in the training area, in Grafenwoehr and Vilseck and in book store everywhere. It can also be ordered online at

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