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Register with “Bayern WiFi” (Bavaria WiFi) to use the hot spots. Photo Credit: Vodafone Grafenwoehr, Germany — Spring is here, inviting people to go outside. Those who want to be outside and online at the same time, can now do so with the newly established hot spot at the Grafenwoehr German post office.

Mayor Edgar Knobloch, Holger Cibis, the city’s WiFi manager, and city employee Stephanie Zinn are very pleased that a local electric installation company installed the Bavaria WiFi hot spot at Alte Amberger Strasse. “Now you can enjoy delicious ice cream, wait for the bus and up to 200 people can be online at the same time,” said Knobloch.

The saying “nothing is for free” does not apply here because the hot spot comes at no cost for users and for the city because the Free State of Bavaria spent 5,000 Euro for the hot spots.  Another one was installed near the Grafenwoehr museum so visitors of the city park can go online.

And because all good things come in threes, a third hot spot will be installed at the   Waldbad, Grafenwoehr’s outdoor pool, so sun lovers can surf the web.  The hot spot will be active by the time the pool opens, usually in mid-May.

For more hot spots go to (Only in German).Free WiFi hot spots are available at Grafenwoehr’s city park and at the German post office.  Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Vodafone /

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