Fit through the winter season Tip: “Well-prepared through the winter months”

(rgz). Every year it starts at the same time: A true coughing concert welcomes you in the office, when you get home the kids are sneezing – and your nose has already started to run as well. Colds are a recurring issue and the topic of this special. We will provide tips on how to strengthen your immune system, on getting your flu shot and how to avoid annoying cold sores. And finally, we will address the exciting question whether chicken soup really helps when you are suffering from a cold.

Power for the immune system

There are many ways to strengthen your immune system for the cold season. Your diet is most important. If you mix apples, pears, grapes and nuts with orange juice in a blender, the result is a breakfast smoothie rich in vitamins. A dash of sunflower oil ensures that the fat-soluble vitamins A and E are absorbed well by the body. So-called omni-molecular granulated from the health-food store contain the power of more than 100 different flowers, roots and fruits. Those blends such as “WurzelKraft” (root power) provide your body with the most important minerals and micronutrients. The granulate tastes well in muesli and yoghurt, as well as in soups or as topping on your salad. From a naturopathic standpoint, a balanced acid-base metabolism also plays an important role when trying to avoid a cold. Overacidified tissue, mainly caused by animal products, sugar or white flour, can block the nutrient supply of the cells. Basic food, i.e. food of pre-dominantly crop origin, can counter-balance that and improve the immune system.

A small prick can prevent a flu. Modern four-part vaccines protect better than three-part vaccines.

How to protect yourself and others

Make sure to get your flu shot on time with regard to the annual threat of a flu epidemic. It protects yourself and others. Every year, WHO releases a new recommendation regarding the composition of the flu vaccine. Modern four-part vaccines protect not only against three but all four important influenza virus strains. While a flu shot does not provide 100% protection, it is a great way of reducing the risk of getting a flu.

First the cold, than the blisters

Many people who suffer from herpes know it: First you catch a cold, then the annoying blisters on the lip show up. One reason for that is the fact that a cold reduces the strength of your immune system. If you want to prevent a cold and the annoying blisters, you should boost your immune system with a balanced diet, rich in basic food and vitamins with a lot of vegetables, herbs, fruit, potatoes and fresh juices. Additionally, taking certain micronutrients at  the first signs of herpes can support the healing process of a herpes infection.

Does chicken soup help when you are suffering from a cold?

Chicken soup is known as a healthy and natural household remedy when suffering from the onset of a cold. Does chicken soup really help? Researchers of the University of Nebraska found out that believing in the healing effects of chicken soup is not a superstition. Its ingredients can indeed block the activity of certain white blood cells which promote developing a cold. A chicken-noodle soup, for example, is available from Erasco. It contains noodles, vegetables and juicy chicken meat. The ingredients are processed in a modern, gentle way.

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