Experts advise: When buying a used car, also check the condition of the tires

(djd). Used cars are not only an affordable alternative for young drivers. The German Federal Traffic Office reports that in 2016, 7.4 million used vehicles were sold in Germany. The used car market is about twice as large as the sales of new vehicles. However, when buying a used car, regardless how attractive the price, safety should always be first.  Tires, brakes and lights should always be well-checked.

Make a bargain and invest the savings in tires

Especially with regard to wear and tear parts it is hard to determine how and under which circumstances they were used. You should definitely take a close look at the rubber: Is the thread depth still sufficient? Are the tires worn unevenly, or do they show little cuts or cracks, for example from hitting the curb. “When checking the tires, don’t forget the spare tire,” says Thierry Delesalle from the online tire dealer You should be careful, if there are visible damages. “However, this does not mean that you should pass up a great used car- deal,” says Delesalle. “Instead, you should point out the deficiencies to the dealer and negotiate a better price. Afterwards, you can invest the money you saved into new tires.” That saves you money and maximizes safety. Online tire stores, such as often have attractive offers for both premium tire brands and affordable quality tires.

You should regularly check the thread depth of all tires, not only when buying a used car. Photo: djd/Delticom/Holger Jacoby

Check your tires regularly

German traffic law requires a minimum thread depth of 1.6 millimeters. However, it is recommended to change summer tires when the thread depth has reached three millimeters and winter tires when the thread depth has reached four millimeters. “It only takes a few seconds to check the tire depth when cleaning the car. Drivers should make this a regular routine,” says tire expert Delesalle. Apart from the thread depth, the tire pressure should be checked as well for safety purposes and to keep the gas mileage down. A regular tire check is worth your while, whether your car is used or new.

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