Deer crossing: When it get dark, it gets dangerous The most important rules to avoid accidents

(dtd). When winter comes, deer mating season starts. Every year, ten to 20 drivers are killed in accidents according to the German automobile club ADAC. To minimize the risk before or during an accident with deer, you should follow a few important rules.

The animals primarily leave the forest, searching for food and potential partners, during the hours of dawn and dusk. The basic rule during those hours of the day is that drivers of cars and motorbikes should drive slowly and defensively along or in forests and fields and increase their attention to be able to react faster and better in the case of an emergency. 

If you have an encounter with deer while driving, dim the lights, honk your horn and apply the brakes as fast as possible. To ensure you are able to automatically react in that manner when necessary, you should practice it when the road is empty and no other traffic is in sight. If you don’t do that you run the risk of blinding the deer with your light, causing it to freeze on the road or running towards the light, potentially causing a collision. 

If your breaking distance is not long enough, you should avoid risky evasive maneuvers – as bad as that might be for the animals. If a collision has occurred, remain calm, quickly secure the accident site and call the police.  They will then inform the respective hunter who will take care of the injured or dead animals. Taking the animal with you is a total no-go because it is considered poaching.

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