Corridor for emergency vehicles saves lives

Photo Credit: Editoral Department – When traveling on multi-lane roads, you must form a corridor for emergency vehicles following an accident so that emergency vehicles an get to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. In an emergency, this corridor clears the road for emergency responders and saves lives.

Do not forget: When there is a traffic jam on a multi-lane road, drivers are obliged to form a corridor for emergency vehicles. The corridor must be formed between the left and the other lanes. 

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock_VrD That means when traveling in the left lane, veer to the left. If you are on one of the other lanes, veer to the right.

If you fail to form a corridor for emergency vehicles, you will be fined at least 20 Euro. Every driver should keep in mind that no time should be wasted in case of an emergency.

Similar rules regarding corridors for emergency vehicles apply in Switzerland, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. In Austria, forming a corridor for emergency vehicles is a traffic law.

Photo Credits: and  Adobe Stock_VrD 

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