Chili Cook-Off in the Forest House barn

By Gerald Morgenstern

Grafenwoehr, Germany — The German Army loves it’s stew, American soldiers their chili. The staff of 7th Army Training Command (7th ATC) held a “Summertime Chili Cook-Off” in the barn of the old forest house. Chili-cook-offs are not only competitions, they are also get-togethers that build comradery and their revenue goes to charity. Soldiers and civilian employees of the command cooked 1 different chilies. Even the command’s chief of staff, Col. Clark Lindner, competed in the contest.

The meat used in the chilies included beef, pork, poultry and even venison. Apart from jalapeño peppers, the chilies also contained a lot of beans, vegetables and sometimes special ingredients such as chocolate or whiskey.

Mayor Edgar Knobloch, city councilman Gerald Morgenstern and the local German commander, Lt. Col. Florian Rommel were tasked to judge the thirteen chilies with regard to uniqueness, flavor, ingredients, taste and heat. In the end, the winner was the “Sweet Blaze” chili. Sgt. Kabin Robinson and his eight-year-old daughter Sophia had cooked the winning chili which featured ingredients like honey, maple syrup and smoked bacon. The commanding general, 7th ATC, Brig. Gen. Toni Aguto presented the winner’s trophy and thanked Destiny McHale and Matt Bryant for organizing the competition.

Brig. Gen. Toni Aguto (third from right) held a chili-cook-off in the barn of the Forest House. Mayor Edgar Knobloch (right) with the organizers, jury members and Chief of Staff Col. Clark Lindner (left) who was among the competitors.

Photo Credit: Gerald Morgenstern

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